Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance program is defined by the association's Ready to Move division. This is CSA-based program, ensuring all manufactured components are fabricated to meet or exceed customer specifications.

The Nelson Homes Assurance of Excellence is our promise to you of our total commitment to the creation of a new home for you and your family.

Nelson Homes will ensure that all precision manufactured components will either meet or exceed the high standards of quality set by the National Building Code. We will promptly deliver the material required to build your Nelson home based on the specifecations outlined on your order. Products that are not manufactured by us carry the warranties of each individual supplier.

Is an RTM right for you?

How do you know if building an RTM is the choice for you? Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you want Nelson to manage the build of your home while you go about your life? We offer the convenience of not having to be the general contractor of your home. The mess and the stress of a site build are our concern, not yours.

2. Are RTMs allowed in your area? Talk to your local MD/County?Municipality early to become familiar with any regulations they may have. Ther is alot of confusion between an RTM and a mobile home.

3. What is the size of plan you have in mind? While we can do any size, the overall dimensions of the home have to comply with our transport regulations. 34'x90' is the maximum size we ship to keep costs in check.

RTM Advantage

Why us an RTM a greaat way to build your home?

1. Convenience: We take care of the day to day details of home building. You deal with our sales representative and not a series of contractors.

2. Time Savings: Typical site builds cant take 12 months or more to complete. While we build the home, you are having the foundation constructed. This coordination means that you can be living in your home sooner. 

3. Control: Our build site is a controlled environment, we minimize theft, material delays and travel time costs. This means the cost of your home is accurate and there are no surprises at the end due to cost over runs or unforeseen issues.